I know how important it is for successful attorneys to partner with experienced investigators and expert witnesses to provide credible and compelling testimony regarding employment discrimination and wrongful termination cases at depositions, arbitration hearings, and discovery preparation for trial. As a certified expert witness and independent consultant with the Technical Advisory Service to Attorneys (TASA), Experts.com, Circle of Experts in association with Nitron Advisors of New York City, Expert Resources, and Round Table of Experts, attorney clients gain access to 30 years of solid professional experience. In fact, the trusted relationship I build with clients can be best summarized by the following statements from some of the most respected Bay Area attorney’s in the United States.

“I have worked with Mr. Williams over the course of several years and personally endorse not only the services, but the caliber and professionalism associated with their delivery.”

Angela Alioto, Attorney

“I have known Kevin for 10 years. He has done extensive investigations both on behalf of the city and for others. Kevin has demonstrated excellent analytical and investigative skills and would be an asset to analyze and discuss for a jury the issues related to a proper investigation by a company.”

Larry Murray, Attorney At Law

“Mr. Williams expertly performs his responsibilities in professional and independent manner. I found him to be extremely thorough in his evaluation of the facts and fair in is application of the customs and regulations with respect to employment matters. I would not hesitate to recommend him to either plaintiff’s counsel or defense counsel in need of an expert consultant concerning personnel policies and procedures with respect to statutorily prohibited discrimination in employment.”

Phillip Borowsky, P.C. Borowsky & Hayes, LLP

“Kevin Williams is a veteran in the field of employment discrimination investigation work. I have known him for over a decade. While working for the City and County of San Francisco Human Rights Commission, he gained nearly 20 years experience investigating some of the most complex cases in the country involving race, sex, and sexual orientation.

His methodical approach to investigations and presenting thorough analysis at trial would be an invaluable tool to any trial lawyer. From my experience as a San Francisco trial lawyer, credible experts play a vital role in helping juries decide wrongful discharge cases, where often complicated evidence of discrimination can turn on the quality or weight of the company’s investigation. As important, Kevin Williams is highly respected in the community for his soundness of character and ethical duty to his profession. From having served on the San Francisco Ethics Commission for many years, and a trial lawyer, I understand the impact that the credibility of an expert can have in a courtroom. He comes across as a concerned, caring individual, is not intimidated by anyone, so I am confident he would stand up to rigorous cross-examination.”

Paul Melbostad, Attorney

“I have known Kevin Williams for nearly 10 years and he is a highly regarded professional. I met Mr. Williams when he was senior discrimination investigator for the City and County of San Francisco Human Rights Commission. I have observed him professionally over the course of many years and know him to be of exceptional character and integrity. As an expert witness, Mr. Williams possesses the requisite knowledge, skill and ability to assist attorneys with trial preparation and the effective delivery of expert witness testimony. I have been practicing law for 40 years and have observed the impact that experts such as Mr. Williams can have on a jury. In my opinion, he will make a significant contribution to the legal community and help practicing attorneys win cases.”

Rommmel Bondoc, Attorney at Law

“I have known Kevin Williams for 10 years and without hesitation endorse his high degree of knowledge, skill, and ability as an expert in the filed of employment discrimination. His nearly 30 years of expertise that he brings in this area of law is an asset to the legal community.”

Ian Loveseth, Attorney At Law

If you would like to learn more about my professional services business, please visit the website which may also be accessed through Experts.com and typing Kevin B. Williams Professional Services on the expert name search page, or contact me directly at (415) 424-8221.